Bike Service, Repair and Upgrade Prices

All prices are for labour only (not including any parts)

Bike Service

From £45

True wheels / adjust hubs, headset and bottom bracket as needed / adjust brakes and gears, lube cables / lube chain and check drive components for wear / inflate tyres to correct pressures and check all nuts and bolts are tight.

Gold Service

From £85

As above but also grease hubs and headset (loose ball), degrease full drive train and clean bike.

Remove and degrease drive train then refit £35

Wheel true from £8

Wheel build from £25

Adjust brake (front or rear) from £5

Adjust gears (front or rear) from £5

Replace bottom bracket from £15

Bleed hydraulic brake £15 (including fluid)

Replace headset from £15

Rebuild loose ball hub from £15

Rebuild cartridge bearing hub from £15

Replace inner tube £5

This is just a small portion of the work i can undertake. Please contact us for prices on any other work.